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Our Story

Glass House is a restaurant, bar, and modern day “meeting house” inspired by the history and present day identity of Kendall Square. Once the center of the nation’s glass-making industry and home to the largest glass factory in the US, East Cambridge attracted the most accomplished artisans from across the globe and its glass houses produced patents for the cutting edge glassworks of its day. Today, Kendall Square remains a hub of innovation, and with its industrious roots has transformed into one of the major science and technology centers in the world. Glass House is a reflection of the area’s glass-making history, the glass architecture housing this neighborhood’s community of talented individuals, and its present day focus on science, discovery, and exploration.

Awards and Accolades:

Boston Society of Architects' Hospitality Design Award
Winner of International Interior Design Association’s Best Design Award
Featured in Interior Design Magazine’s ‘6 Eye-Catching Restaurants’